Individual Empowerment Through Informational Hong Kong Genetic Testing

Informational testing is here And it is important. Called direct to consumer testing – is testing that is meant to provide an individual with information regarding the genetic make-up of the individual. It is different than diagnose genetic testing because medical testing is used by a doctor or medical care provider to evaluate or treat a condition. Comparison, informational testing meant to permit individuals the chance to understand their health risk factors and take action to address or mitigate those risk factors. Informational testing is Marketed and sold to customers. There are particular issues which may make it difficult for providers to provide their services through retail outlets like grocery stores or pharmacies. Online, the service is marketed Because of this. Lots of the labs offering testing that was informational are fully certified and accredited labs that offer testing solutions.

Informational testing may be empowering to individuals cancer detection hong kong. It permits people to proactively and consciously manage their health risks. Some examples:

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  • a girl is shown by A test That her markers indicate that she has a probability of contracting breast cancer. Knowing this information, pursue some abnormality that she discovers and she’s empowered to conduct.
  • a man is shown by A test that His markers suggest he has a probability of contracting colon cancer. So he’s no other signs of risk, he does not know of any family history of colon cancer. Armed with this advice he is strict about keeping to the program for colonoscopies as he gets older and schedules a colonoscopy than he might have otherwise.

Testing, alone, is not a cure-all. The genetic testing companies evaluation results must be combined with diligence that was active so as to be productive. A single test results that show he is at greater than average Risk for contracting heart disease must be proactive in reducing And handling the risk factors for heart disease – weight, high cholesterol, smoking, High blood pressure – in order for the evaluation information that is informational to be helpful.