Satisfaction of Using Motivation Shayari in Language Learning

Poetry can be used as a medium to teach language as it reveals a path to teach basic language skills. It broadens the viewing perspective of student, as they begin to use language in an entirely different way. The Bible used in poetry is different it does not follow typical grammar rules for instance, incomplete sentences. The syntax is also distinct for instance, in this verse men and women both small and little; cared for anyone not in all the arrangement of sentence does not follow typical grammar usage. The language used is also different for instance a word nobody used in a poem does not belong to Standard English language, but in the poem it provides the meaning poet would like to explain.myrelist

Motivates the reader:

Poetry always have hidden meanings which are never expressed clearly, in order to grasp the original meaning the reader needs to research more and poetry triggers the unmotivated reader to learn what is inside. By studying a single verse virtually every person from 10 would think of a different interpretation.

Emotional association:

Whenever reader reads a piece of motivation shayari, and receives its first idea they begin to locate relationships between the words and their own life and when reader can do that he or she will create emotional responses. Therefore, poetry evokes feelings in the mind and heart.

Learning figures of speech:

Reading poetry makes the reader able to identify unique figures of speech employed inside for example, metaphor, personification, simile, imagery and irony etc since they are part of everyday language

Properties of poetry:

Poetry is a fun experience in learning a new language with the properties of rhythm and rhyming, each of which depicts love, affection and admiration for the power and sounds of a language. Therefore, the reader gets more acquainted with the supra-segmental facets of language pitch, stress and intonation. Free-verse may provide the easiest entry into poetic expression and serve as the stepping stone to something more structured as he amasses experience, if he so desires. If, on the other hand, he wants to employ a rhyming scheme, he must make certain that his ability is enough so that he does not sacrifice the ideas he wants to express for nursery rhyme audio.

This is the general study of signs and symbols and their functions in a Language and these components are perfectly learned by poetry. In poetry nothing is as clear as it is stated, there are always some deeper meanings and to depict those deeper images there’s a requirement of signifier and signified which are utilized from the poets in poetry.