Measuring IPTV Quality of Service – Need to Know

IPTV QOS is a subject that is becomes a confusing issue for many companies, let this clear up. Quality of Service being something often makes people consider using measurement methods that are pre-existing. Where the majority of the confusion is created this starting point for QOS dimension is. In the same manner that the tendency of the engineers was to wish to gauge the new signal when companies started moving to digital broadcast signals. IPTV QOS has caused lots of the methodology and engineers using a history want to quantify statistics. The prior network engineers can happily take their measurements from the present network infrastructure but find no sense for what packets on the network link to what video signals.


1) Head End

You might concern if you are responsible for providing creating or getting video. A Head End can consist of anything from professional video encoders into VOD Servers Video on Demand and might be in one of several video formats, compression types, bitrates etc… They are Unicast or Multicast, UDP, RTP or a proprietary mechanism. Whatever the situation, it is a fantastic idea to take action to make certain the video encoding apparatus is reliable and that the Head End is strong. Everybody affects down the line.  Having built the Head End system using a solid structure, the last thing is to track the Head End IP video stream output to make certain that this first stage where the movie is IP encapsulated has been done satisfactorily and that the remainder of the IPTV infrastructure can depend on this input.

2) Core Network

Hopefully the steps above will have been done so if you are concerned with the core system, your iptv primary work involves doing your verification that the leaks coming into your system you cannot rely on the Head End supplier to do so for you and it is a lot easier to have the ability to escape the spotlight when problems occur if you are able to readily confirm your input and ensuring the passage throughout the network does not result in any loss or excessive jitter the only two components that may halt the network getting your video into the end intact. This additional complication is one of those things that lots of test equipment manufacturers have not accounted for usually because of the fact that this remains a relatively new area and lots of equipment vendors are focused on producing features instead of addressing the customer issues to deliver benefits that really give them the robust solutions required.