Building a business abroad

If there is one thing – besides the passion for surfing – that brings together the entrepreneurs of Surf Inc., it is the ardent desire to live their ideas to the end to model an extraordinary way of life. Our protagonists did what others could think of. Devils the norms! Rather, they went down the road of the test and started, even if it involved pouring all their liquidity into the project, decoding the workings of their new community and doing almost all the tasks of them. by going through the breakfasts, to the manufacture of furniture. And that is nothing next to the accounting part abroad that they had to demystify on the job!

Are you made to be an entrepreneur?

Being your own boss can be very rewarding, but entrepreneurship is not suitable for everyone. Before you start a business, you must first determine if you have the makings of a contractor; you must also know what the benefits are and what are your chances of success. Large scope is here by starting a business in Singapore for foreigners

Contractor self-assessment

Do you have the makings of an entrepreneur? See if your experience, attitude, goals, and lifestyle go hand in hand with your desire to start a business.

Evaluate your financial resources

Before you go into business, you must take stock of your financial resources. You must evaluate:

  • How much money are you willing to risk
  • The minimum income needed to meet your current obligations and to continue to live properly
  • Evaluate the income necessary to ensure your livelihood
  • The minimum monthly income you will earn from your business is your livelihood.
  • You must include expenses such as:
  • Monthly payments on loans and credit cards
  • The rent
  • food and clothing
  • Automobile expenses